Press Photo Gallery

Beth Yarnelle Edwards: Suburban Dreams

This January OMCA premieres Beth Yarnelle Edwards: Suburban Dreams, an exhibition of photographs revealing domestic scenes that unveil how people behave in their homes. On view in OMCA’s Gallery of California Art, the exhibition is the second in an ongoing series exploring contemporary topics in California through photography. Featuring approximately 22 large-scale, color photographs from the OMCA collection, the exhibition focuses on the suburban experience in California, predominantly in Silicon Valley. Resembling film stills, the photographs embody the American Dream as it is often represented in Silicon Valley: natural beauty intersecting with high-tech industry, a diverse yet predominately affluent population, with access to nearby cultural centers like Palo Alto, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland. The photographic tableaus—a woman in her bubble bath overlooking rolling hills; a teenager with headphones ignoring his siblings playing around him; a family rushing out the door on a weekday morning—lie somewhere between the mythic and mundane.