Travel + Guilds

Photo by Mark Ahsmann. WikiMedia Commons.

Discover the world with the OMCA Guilds!

The Oakland Museum of California offers incredible travel opportunities for Members through the Art, History, and Natural Science Guilds. Whether stateside or abroad, travel with like-minded enthusiasts while learning from expert guides. Travel opportunities are exclusive to OMCA Members; join today and travel with the Guilds! These trips sell out fast, so reserve your spot early.

In addition to travel opportunities, the History, Natural Sciences, and Art Guilds support OMCA through education, outreach, fundraising, and service. From underwriting exhibitions and their accompanying publications to organizing lectures and special receptions, the Guilds offer many learning and service opportunities. In addition, each Guild publishes its own newsletter and offers opportunities for out-of-town and day trips. Exclusively for OMCA Members, participation in a Guild provides exciting opportunities to connect with like-minded enthusiasts while furthering one's knowledge of California.

To join a Guild, download the application (PDF) then sign up for the Guild(s) of your choice. Not yet an OMCA Member? The application allows you to sign up for both OMCA and Guild membership.

For more information on Guild travel opportunities, contact:

Art Guild

History Guild

Natural Sciences Guild